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Focus on: back pain        Specialised: Kids Pilates

Susana Ceballos

I’m passionate about Pilates and the benefits that exercising and living a healthy life can bring to people. I’ve been dancing since I was a teenager and harmonic movement is essential to me. 

I started my Pilates training in 2004 when I discovered its value while looking for alternatives to ease my spine problems. Since then it has been a non-stop learning process from essential matwork to advanced Pilates equipment. 

My equipment certification was obtained from a UK school which follows a classical Pilates approach and incorporates high standards in its teaching technique. 

Whether you want to get a stronger core and deep stabilising muscles to improve your current training or to recover from an injury, I’ll work with you to create body

consciousness. If you have body imbalances or structural issues, with my personal and professional experience, I can assure you that we will discover together the best way to strengthen your weak areas. 

'Pay attention to your body, and you would achieve your personal and professional goals with easiness.'

Susana Ceballos, MBA

  • Level 3 Pilates Matwork and Equipment Instructor

  • Level 3 Exercise Referral Instructor —Fitness for chronic medical conditions

  • Fitness Exercise instructor for Children, Level 2


       Recent training courses:

       Hypermobility, Shoulder girdle,Bone health & Osteoporosis