​Why Pilates is good for you?


The Pilates method promotes full body, mind and spirit coordination, increases mental vigour and muscle power reducing fatigue and muscle weakness. By practising Pilates, muscles become more flexible and stronger which in time gives better posture and a balanced body, general health improvement and injury prevention among others.
Pilates can be taught to groups with mixed abilities since exercises have modifications that can be adapted to different levels.

Private classes are however, the best way to get most of the benefits that the method brings, since session are adapted to your specific needs. 

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Private sessions

Personal sessions are the ultimate way to gain most of the benefits of the technique since the exercises are tailored to your own needs and goals.


Remote classes are ideal for a customised class, at your time and at your home. It feels as if the instructor were on the same room.  


Group classes

We are running introductory group remote classes, Learn the fundamentals of the Pilates method and get the benefits of exercising.